Toma & Toma brings the cuisine of yesteryear to diners from all over the world

The best of Almeria's garden and ready to consume.

Taste, quality and tradition, this is what the young company from Almeria Toma & Toma has been able to offer to the world, which, with a family character, produces and sells some packaged products, 100% natural, with some of the most characteristic recipes of the kitchen Almeria, in which the vegetables of your pantry are essential and characteristic piece.

This project, born a year and a half ago but put into operation completely last May, is born from the enthusiasm of its promoter: Manuel Sales, a businessman of great tradition in Almería, lover of the products of the land, to whom wants to give an international projection. And step by step, "little by little", but in a very determined way, he is achieving it.



They already have a wide range of products made in an artisanal way and with 100% natural ingredients. No preservatives or dyes or other additives in Toma & Toma have no place. And what is better, each and every one of the ingredients that take part in their recipes come from the Almeria plains, quality products that are more than contrasted and that carry the name of the capital wherever it goes through food.












At this moment, Sales and its partners: Rafael López and José Hervilla, present a portfolio composed of 11 different flavors. On the one hand there are the fried tomatoes: Toma-Pi, an essential basic, inspired by the recipe of all life; Toma-Pi, ideal for those more intrepid in the kitchen who dare with that spicy touch; Tomato-Ghe, for those who care more for their diet, or can not ingest lactose; and the Toma-Sweet, for the sweet tooth of the house, since it resembles almost a jam, without losing its essence of fried tomato.


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